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Breif about singer's life:
Hasna El Maghribia, also known as Hasna, is a Moroccan female singer. Hasna is one of the Moroccan singers who succeeded to rise to the front of Arab musical scene for their impressing talent. Upon a first song, “Yalla Bina Yallah” which was a remake of the folk song of Dalida, Hasna cut her way to success with another remake of the song “Marsoul Al Hob” of renowned Moroccan singer Abdelwahab Doukkali. The title sung with a female a voice earned local and Arab audience’s attention. The music video of the song added to the originality of the song for it included elements of Moroccan culture. The song was a big success. Hasna’s following works were: “Choufou Choufou”, “Hob Walla” and the latest “Youm Fil Omr” released in 2008 and produced by the prestigious Rotana Recording. Hasna El Maghribia is now preparing a new album for which she already chose four songs with the assistance of notorious producer Jean Saliba

Hasna - Albi Be Khatar - (Audio CD)
حسنا - قلبي بخطر

Type: New Age / Moroccan (2009)
Hasna - Bamba - (Audio CD)
حسنا - بمبا

Type: Dance / Moroccan (2005)
Hassna - Marsoul El Hob - (Audio CD)
حسنا - مرسول الحب

Type: Dance / Moroccan (2004)
Hassna - Hasna 2001 - (Audio CD)
حسنا - حسنا 2001

Type: Dance / Moroccan (2001)