Karkar - Egyptian Movies (Comedy)

Karkar - Egyptian Movies (Comedy)
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Karkar El Hennawy has a terrible accident on his wedding day that renders him completely crazy. The father insists Karkar marrying one of his relatives in order to compensate his family for his negligence, but he dies leaving Karkar to his uncle Assem and his aunt Zaheera. However they both present him fake relatives as the proposed brides. Karkar likes the two girls and marries them both, but on his wedding day, he has another accident that returns him back to his sound mind, and he then discovers that his uncle and aunt have concocted in order to take his money. Will he forgive them or will the family remain shattered as before?

Mohamed Saad / Yassmin abd El Aziz
Production Year:
2007 - Colored
Arabic, English and French
Running Time:
107 Min
NTSC - All Zones