Pilot Bidet PB - 300 (Dual Nozzle)

Pilot Bidet  PB - 300 (Dual Nozzle)
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Pilot Bidet PB - 300 Warm Water.

Clean washing with Warm Stream of Water!
Wiping with Dry Paper is not good enough!

Requires no battery / electricity.
Comes with user-controlled warm water feature and temperature control knob along Hot water by pass.

Simple and easy operation and installation.
Available in White.

- Woman's Health:

Woman's health deserves the best. Use Pilot Bidet to maintain optimum health from youth through menstruation, pregnancy and menopause.

- Features:

  • Ajustable Pressure and temperature control
  • Simple yet practical
  • Quality stainless parts
  • New: Unified ABS valve for better regulated water stream (ABS unified valve system instead of valve with tubing for better durability.)
  • New: Removable nozzle for better hygiene (nozzle can be easily replaced by user just by sliding it out of brackets for better personal hygiene.)
  • New: Splash Guarded Nozzle (new splash guard is added to nozzle)
  • New: P.S.P.C (Positive stepping pressure control) - (new pressure control with variable stepping knob. stepping control knob allows easier pressure control.)
  • New: Double sided body panel (Bottom body panel is added to better protect tubing from ware and tare and easy cleaning.)
  • Easy to install
  • Anti-bacterial components
  • Very reliable
  • Made in Korea and Equipped with backflow valve
  • 1 year mfg. warranty on parts

Portable bidet is FREE when you purchase PB-300

- Nozzle cleaning system:

This system is equipped with a nozzle cleaning lever designed to wash the nozzles while discharging water as it attains the desired temperature.

- Two nozzle system:

This system has dedicated nozzles for anal cleaning and bidet cleaning, so that you can enjoy convenient and fresh cleansing.

- Backflow prevention device

Designed on the basis of manufacturer's outstanding technical know how. This feature is patented and registered for the utility model.

- Ease Hemorrhoid Pain and relieve Constipation:

Excessive use of tissue can cause irritation. Cleanwashing with water helps prevent infection. Water also helps relaxing the sphincter muscle.

- Environmentally Friendly:

Pilot Bidet reduces germ infection because you wash with water. Paper use is reduced. This is very good for homes with septic tanks.

- A necessity for anyone who find it difficult to hold paper or to reach

- Perfect for children:

Children do not always wipe well. With Pilot Bidet a complete, thorough wash is guaranteed.

- An unusual yet perfect gift!
for those who appreciate total cleanliness and good health!

- Installation:

1 - remove existing seat / lid.

2 - insert water tubing.

3 - insert water tubing.